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Medicare rebates allow you to get part of your session fee paid for by the government. You can qualify for a rebate by grabbing a referral from a GP and letting them know you would like to see a therapist at Clarity Therapy.

Check out this article to understand what to expect before going to see your GP.

There is no definite answer to this question.Length of therapy can range from a few sessions to ongoing maintenance therapy, depending on your therapy goals.  Your therapist will collaborate with you on your goals for therapy and this will be reviewed roughly every 6 sessions.

Standard sessions are 50 minutes. Some therapies, such as EMDR require 1.5 hours but this will be discussed with your therapist. Some therapists also hold initial sessions as 1.5hr consultations.

Yes we do. You will need to check with your health provider to determine the rebate you are entitled to. You will be responsible for submitting and claiming your rebate with your health fund.

Yes. We expect that all clients give our team 48 hour’s notice for cancellations. Failure to do so or having a no show will result in the client incurring the full cost of the appointment.

We understand that everyone’s comfort levels of accessing mental health support are different. During your first appointment, your therapist will tailor a way to deal with these situations to ensure you will be comfortable. Confidentiality is important and we strategically plan our sessions in locations that guarantee others can not overhear our discussions.

Everyone’s fitness levels are different and we respect that. Also, we are therapists, not personal trainers so we take things at your pace. A lot of clients enjoy walking and talking and this is shown to have great mental health benefits but if this is not for you, we can find a seat on a bench.

Mental Health Social Workers (MHSW), psychologists, psychotherapists, OT’s, and counsellors are all important parts of holistic mental health care. MHSW and psychologists are both approved to provide psychological interventions by Medicare. The approaches used by these professionals vary depending on their individual training and education.

The good news is that all types of therapy can empower you with the practical tools you need to live a better life. Research consistently shows that the client-therapist relationship is one of the major factors contributing to the overall effectiveness of therapy. For this reason, we suggest you find a therapist you connect with and are comfortable with.

For more information on each of the health professionals mentioned, the below links will help:

Payment is done on our online platform which allows us to process your Medicare rebate for you automatically.

Our rooms are accessed via Gymea Bay Rd which has 1 hour parking. There is also a large car park at Gymea train station, a 1 minute walk from our office.

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