NDIS therapy

We provide NDIS therapy that fits within your NDIS plan

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps people access support for their disability needs.

Clarity Therapy is a registered NDIS provider and provides therapeutic support within the NDIS.

Our approach with NDIS participants


Psychosocial assessments look at the individual’s situation in terms of their psychological and social functioning.


We focus on building practical skills that participants can implement in their everyday routines to improve their quality of life.

Participant lead

We ensure our participants are an active, driving force in the therapy they participate in. With the participant’s approval, we also work in conjunction with family members and key supports.

Community engagement

We ensure that promoting our participants’ ability to participate in their community is part of our therapeutic work. This may include meeting participants in the community for some sessions.

Comprehensive reports

We use NDIS-recommended assessment tools to provide comprehensive reports to all participants.

NDIS therapeutic supports can help you


Engage with the community

We work with you to improve your ability to meaningfully engage with the local community. This may include having some of our sessions in the community.


Improve functioning

We can help you improve your ability to not only cope with your disability but also improve your overall functioning and quality of life.


Improve relationships

Facing challenges with a disability can also impact our relationships. We can give you the tools to create more enriching relationships with those around you.

Resources for you

One part of therapy is examining how our thoughts influence our feelings and behaviour. Here is a resource you can use today to help you improve your ability to recognise ways of thinking that may negatively impact your mental health.

For support coordinators

If you are a support coordinator seeking therapeutic or counseling supports for your participant, please feel free to get in touch with us.