What is ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy is a term used to describe psychotherapy delivered in nature. At Clarity Therapy, we use ecotherapy to provide variety to your therapeutic work, offering sessions in office or in nature. Suitability for ecotherapy sessions largely depends on your therapy goals and level of comfort having sessions in nature

Our outdoor sessions are held at pre-assessed locations to ensure you are comfortable with the settings which can include walks by the beach or in a local park.

Ecotherapy and time in nature has been shown to

Reduce stress and anxiety

Improve mood

Increase self-esteem

Provide a sense of grounding and connection

We use ecotherapy as an addition to traditional therapy to get the best of both worlds.

We offer 1:1 outdoor sessions as well as Ecotherapy Groups

A resource to help

One part of therapy is examining how our thoughts influence our feelings and behaviour. Here is a resource you can use today to help you improve your ability to recognise ways of thinking that may negatively impact your mental health.

Interested in ecotherapy?

Find out more information about our Ecotherapy Groups