Couples therapy

Are you struggling with communication, connection, or feeling stuck within your relationship?

Couples counselling can be a positive step towards repairing and rebuilding key parts of your relationship.

With our guidance, we can assist couples in strengthening the vital elements of a healthy relationship, including healthy communication, mutual understanding, trust, and tools to navigate inevitable conflict within relationships.

The Gottman Method

We use the Gottman approach to couples counselling, which is based on over 40 years of research and clinical practice from around the world. It includes couple and individual sessions and focuses on providing you with tools to improve communication, deepen your understanding, and increase your ability to cope with conflict.

The Gottman method also provides you with tools to identify and adjust unhelpful communication styles that are known to increase rates of separation, such as ongoing criticism, contempt, and defensiveness.

Facts about couples therapy

69% of couples “problems” are perpetual.

Research by the Gottman Institute found that most problems couples face are not solvable. Accepting this while still finding meaningful ways to engage in your relationship is key.

It can improve communication skills

It can teach couples how to listen to each other, express their feelings clearly, and understand each other’s perspectives.

It can strengthen relationships

It can help couples develop a stronger emotional bond, improve intimacy and trust, and increase overall satisfaction in the relationship.

It is not just for couples in crisis

It can also be beneficial for couples who want to improve their relationship and prevent future issues from arising.

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