Therapy that’s
down to earth.

Counselling & Psychological Services Sutherland Shire

Therapy that’s down to earth.

Counselling & Psychological Services Sutherland Shire

Life is full of challenges

We are here to help you manage them

We provide people of all ages with proven, practical psychological therapies and skills to help them navigate life’s challenges and live more fulfilling lives.

We believe that therapy can be a rich journey of self-development and growth, rather than simply the treatment of a condition. Our personable therapists tailor sessions to your unique needs and ensure you feel comfortable and connected to the therapeutic process. We focus on connecting with you, knowing that your alliance with your therapist is one of the largest predictors of positive therapeutic outcomes.

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While we provide support across a range of mental health areas, we specialise in:

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We help you seek clarity and insight, empowering you to live a more fulfilled life at home, work, and across your relationships.

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We have gone the extra mile to design our therapy rooms to be comfortable and relaxing for whoever walks through our doors.

We provide options to hold some of your sessions in nature, including walks by the beach or in a local park. Take advantage of the remarkable benefits psychotherapy in the outdoors can have on your mental health.

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David Troup

David is passionate about understanding the personal experiences of his clients and providing evidenced-based treatments that are tailored to their needs, strengths, and values. He has developed experience with treating a wide range of mental health conditions from years of working in public health at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and Canterbury Hospital outpatient drug and alcohol clinics and Sutherland Hospital community mental health clinic. David also has experience at South Coast Private Hospital where he provided group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Behavioural Therapy (DBT) for mood and anxiety disorders.

David offers psychological treatment for a wide range of difficulties including depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, PTSD, complex trauma and adjusting to life events. David’s primary therapeutic modality is CBT however depending on the needs of his clients, David will utilise strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy.

David is friendly and relaxed in his approach. He begins the first session with exploring the reason for seeking therapy and understanding what has led to and maintained this issue, as well as what his client’s would like to achieve by attending therapy.

Outside of the office David enjoys going for bushwalks and surfing.

Stefan Jamal

Stef’s therapeutic approach focuses on relating with clients on a human level to develop trust and guide his clients towards positive change.

Alongside evidence-based interventions, Stef uses humour, curiosity, and playfulness to connect with his clients and creates a space where clients feel safe and accepted. Stef believes in the inherent capacity and resilience within people and sees therapy like working together to complete a puzzle, where the client and therapist both hold some of the pieces.

With 10 years experience as a social worker, Stef has provided therapy services to people ranging in age from 4 to 88 years. He enjoys the energetic, creative nature of working with children, as well as the more reflective space of working with adolescents and adults, and is able to adapt his approach to match the needs of the individual he is working with. Stef incorporates CBT, ACT, DBT, Play Therapy and expressive therapies (including art, music and sand tray) into his practice. Having worked for many years in child protection and Out of Home Care, Stef has a special interest in supporting clients of all ages with trauma recovery and is a certified practitioner of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TF-CBT).

Outside of work, Stef enjoys a range of creative hobbies including watercolour painting and performing in musical theatre, as well as taking his dogs for a walk on the beach.

Danielle Plush

Danielle describes her approach to clients as warm, empathetic, down to earth, non-judgmental and person-centred. Danielle believes that positive therapeutic outcomes are largely attributed to a strong therapeutic alliance and the use of evidence-based treatments. Danielle treats her clients respectfully as individual human beings and enjoys getting to know them beyond the problems they may be presenting with.

Danielle has experience working with people of all ages, however has a special interest in working with young adults, adolescents, and kids. Danielle’s background is in Workcover, Disability and Youth Mental Health. Modalities Danielle draws from in therapy include CBT, DBT, ACT, Behaviour Support, and Play Therapy. Danielle offers sessions in clinic, in the community, and is able to provide observations within schools if required.

After work Danielle enjoys time with her dog Dotti, spending time with friends and family, and her all-time favourite TV show is A-Typical.

Mark Micelli

Mark understands that research shows the biggest predictor to positive therapy outcomes is a strong alliance with your therapist. For this reason, his personable approach focuses on ensuring you feel safe, comfortable, and connected to the therapeutic process. 

Mark has spent 10 years specialising in various mental health roles working with children, adolescents, and adults to deliver effective mental health treatment from prevention-based stress management to lifelong mental health presentations. Trained as a Mental Health Social Worker, Mark utilises a trauma informed approach and draws from principles of CBT, ACT, and EMDR.

People who have worked with Mark describe his approach as authentic, down to earth, and supportive with a coaching/motivational touch.

Outside of the office Mark enjoys staying active with kitesurfing, surfing, and playing ice hockey.